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How to Determine the Right Size Rental Dumpster For A Roofing Job

Are you planning a roofing project in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma? Picking the right size rental dumpster is crucial for managing waste efficiently. Rancho Roll Off is your go-to for dumpster rentals in OKC. They offer a wide range of options and top-notch service.

Rancho Roll Off provides dumpster rental solutions for both homeowners and contractors at great prices. They know the right dumpster size is key to handling your project’s waste. This ensures a worry-free waste management experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choosing the right size rental dumpster is crucial for effective waste management during a roofing project in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
  • Rancho Roll Off provides a variety of affordable dumpster rental options to meet your specific needs and budget.
  • By picking the right size dumpster, you can avoid overflow issues and the extra costs they bring.
  • Contact Rancho Roll Off at 405-283-8383 for the best dumpster rental services in Oklahoma City.
  • Make your roofing project easier and more efficient with the help of Rancho Roll Off’s reliable dumpster rental services.

Choosing the Right Size Dumpster

Selecting the right dumpster size is key for roofing projects. At Rancho Roll Off, we have various sizes available. The 15 Yard Dumpster rental OKC is a top choice for small roofing jobs.

Picking the correct size dumpster stops waste from piling up and saves you money. Our 15-yard dumpster is great for roofing jobs in OKC. It can handle the waste, making cleanup easy.

Roofing projects differ, and we at Rancho Roll Off get that. We offer adaptable rental periods to fit your needs. Whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor, we’ll help you find the right size OKC dumpster rental.

Rancho Roll Off takes care of your waste so you can focus on your roofing work. Our dumpsters are dependable and make managing waste easy. Call us at 405-283-8383 to book your dumpster today.

Factors to Consider

When choosing a rental dumpster size, consider several factors. These factors help in picking the right dumpster size for your roofing job in Oklahoma City.

Type of Roofing Materials

Think about the roofing materials you’re using. They differ in weight and volume. This affects the waste amount. Asphalt shingles usually create less waste than clay tiles or metal.

Amount of Waste Generated

How much waste the project will make matters a lot. It’s tied to your roof’s size, renovation extent, and how you remove debris. By guessing the waste volume, you can pick a dumpster size in Oklahoma City that fits the bill.

Options for Yard Waste Disposal

If there’s yard waste, look for dumpster rentals that allow yard waste disposal. This way, you get rid of any extra waste like branches, leaves, or landscaping in an eco-friendly and convenient way.

Roll-off Dumpsters for Larger Projects

Big roofing jobs might need roll-off dumpsters in Oklahoma City. These dumpsters have large capacities. They’re perfect for extensive roof work. They make waste removal efficient and reduce trips to the disposal site.

Taking these factors into consideration helps you choose the right dumpster size wisely. This ensures efficient waste management. A tidy and well-organized work area is also maintained.

Understanding Dumpster Dimensions

Choosing the right dumpster for a roofing project is very important. You need to know the size and shape of the dumpsters available. Rancho Roll Off, a top dumpster rental company, gives all the details you need. This includes info on their 20-yard dumpster rental in Reno, OK.

Dimensions Measurements
Length 183″
Width 100.125″
Height 76.5″

The 20-yard dumpster in Reno, OK, is 183 inches long, 100.125 inches wide, and 76.5 inches tall. These numbers let you see how much the dumpster can hold. Knowing the size helps you decide if it’s right for your roofing project’s waste.

If you’re getting rid of shingles, tiles, or other roofing stuff, this dumpster is perfect. It’s big enough and designed for easy use. But, picking the correct size is crucial to avoid problems or extra costs.

Rancho Roll Off’s detailed measurements help you pick the best dumpster in Reno, OK. This way, you can organize your waste perfectly. It makes your roofing job go smoothly, without any waste issues.

Rental Duration and Extensions

When you rent a dumpster from Rancho Roll Off in El Reno, OK, you get to pick how long you use it. The usual rental lasts up to 10 days. This is a lot of time to finish your project without any rush. You can focus on your work and deal with the waste without stress.

Need the dumpster for longer? For a charge, you can get more time. This helps you finish your roof project thoroughly. Maybe your work takes longer than you thought, or you just want to clean up carefully. Getting a dumpster from Rancho Roll Off means you can work at your own speed.

For instance, if you got a 15-yard dumpster for work in Reno, OK, you can add more days at $20 each. This way, you won’t worry about being cut short.

If your roofing job is small and needs less time, that’s okay too. Rancho Roll Off can adjust to fit your schedule. They want to make sure managing waste in your project goes smoothly and easily.

Dumpster Size Rental Duration Extension Rate
15 Yard Up to 10 days $20 per day
20 Yard Up to 10 days $25 per day
30 Yard Up to 10 days $30 per day

Weight Limit and Extra Charges

When you rent a dumpster, it’s key to consider the weight limit. This helps you avoid extra fees. Going over the limit can add costs to your budget.

In Yukon, OK, a 15-yard dumpster rental has a 1 ton weight limit. It’s great for roofing projects and handles lots of waste. But, if your waste is more than the limit, you face extra charges.

If your waste goes over, you’ll pay $75 for each ton extra. This covers handling and disposal of the waste. Be sure to guess the weight of your waste right to avoid surprise bills.

Discuss your project with the rental service to dodge extra charges. They’ll recommend the right dumpster size and keep you under the limit. This avoids extra costs.

Keep in mind:

  • Watch out for heavy roofing materials’ weight.
  • Recycle what you can to lighten the waste.
  • If in doubt, ask the dumpster rental for advice.
Dumpster Size Weight Limit Extra Charge per Ton
15-yard dumpster rental in Yukon, OK 1 ton $75
20-yard dumpster rental in Mustang, OK 2 tons $80

Convenient Ordering Process

trash dumpster rental okc

Rancho Roll Off understands how essential convenience is when renting dumpsters. Our online process in Oklahoma City is simple. It lets you quickly book a dumpster without any trouble. In a few steps, you’ll have a dumpster ready for delivery.

Select your Dumpster Size

Our website makes it easy to pick the right dumpster size for your project. We have various sizes available, perfect for any type of trash. You can choose from small 15-yard dumpsters to much bigger ones.

Choose your Rental Duration

After selecting a dumpster, choose how long you need it. Rancho Roll Off lets you pick the rental period that works best for your schedule. You might need a dumpster for a couple of days or up to a week.

Add Additional Services

Need more services? We’ve got you covered. We provide services like quick pick-ups or drop-offs and multiple dumpster rentals. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen.

Service Description
Dumpster Delivery We’ll deliver the dumpster directly to your specified location, providing a hassle-free experience.
Pick-up and Disposal Once you’ve completed your project, we’ll promptly pick up the dumpster and handle the waste disposal.
Multiple Dumpster Rentals If your project requires more than one dumpster, we can accommodate your needs and coordinate deliveries accordingly.

Our online system at Rancho Roll Off is designed for efficiency. It values your time, making arranging a dumpster service in Oklahoma City easy and stress-free. Don’t let renting a dumpster in OKC be a hassle. Use our service and enjoy an easy process from start to finish.


Getting the best-sized dumpster for your roof job is key to managing waste well. Look at what materials you have, how much waste you’ll make, and the dumpster size. You can pick the right one from Rancho Roll Off. They make it easy to order and use dumpsters.

Think about what you’re throwing away to choose the dumpster size. If you get the wrong size, you might have too much trash or pay more. Rancho Roll Off has many choices, like a 15-yard dumpster rental in OKC for smaller jobs.

Rancho Roll Off gives all the info you need about their dumpsters. So, you can check if it fits what you need. They also make it simple to order online and offer flexible renting times. Just log onto their website or dial 405-283-8383 to start.

Don’t stress over waste management for your roofing work. Pick the perfect dumpster size from a top company like Rancho Roll Off. Then, you can focus on finishing your project smoothly and quickly.


How do I determine the right size rental dumpster for a roofing job?

Think about the roofing materials you’ll use and how much waste you’ll have. Different projects require different dumpster sizes. Choose from residential or roll-off dumpsters based on your needs.

What are the options for dumpster rental in Oklahoma City?

In Oklahoma City, there are choices like 15-yard dumpster rentals. You’ll also find cost-effective services for managing your waste.

What factors should I consider when choosing the right size dumpster?

The size of your roofing job, the waste type, and the space for your dumpster are key. Use residential dumpsters for small jobs and roll-offs for big projects.

How can understanding dumpster dimensions help me choose the right option?

Knowing dumpster sizes lets you imagine the space it takes. This helps pick the right one. For instance, the 20-yard dumpster in Reno, OK, has detailed size info.

How long can I rent a dumpster for my roofing project?

With Rancho Roll Off, you can keep a dumpster for up to 10 days. If you need it longer, you can pay for an extension.

What happens if I exceed the weight limit for my dumpster rental?

Going over the weight limit might cost you extra. It’s smart to guess the weight of your waste. Consider this for the 15-yard dumpster in Yukon, OK, which has a weight limit.

How can I conveniently order a dumpster rental?

Order a dumpster from Rancho Roll Off online. Just pick the size, how long you need it, and any extras you want.

Is it important to find the right size rental dumpster for my roofing project?

Yes, getting the right size dumpster is key for easy waste management. Keep in mind the materials you’re using, how much waste to expect, and the dumpster’s size. This makes your cleanup easier.

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